Monday, December 14, 2015

Regensburg, Germany - Neupharrplatz Christmas Market

This plaza in Altstadt (Old Town) Regensburg has a nice walking surface.  The reason? In 1995 the city dug up the Neupharrplatz to install electrical outlets for the annual Christmas Market.  They expected to find old ruins and relics but found much more.  Well preserved ruins of Castra Regina, the Roman military camp founded by Marcus Aurelius in 179 AD and the Jewish Quarter which had been torn down in 1519.  You can walk among the ruins in "Document Neupharrplatz", a city owned museum. (Source:

Today we have a bustling Christmas Market and an easy-on-the-feet surface to walk.

I researched to determine what the building with the two towers is, and the best explanation that I can find is that it is a mall.

The Christmas Market is active at midday.

 You can see the nice pavers and some of the goods offered.

 There is a ride for the children.

 Crepes with favorite.

The Market area is the large square in the lower left side of center.

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