Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vienna, Austria - Christmas Market at Schönbrunn Palace (Part 2)

I made my way around another quarter of the market before my alarm went off as "time to return to the bus".  It was very nice to see the crowds enjoying the market.  I bought a hanging metal star and I noted it on the photo.

I had my point and shoot camera with me and walked the market to take some photos.  The colors looks a little odd because I lightened the entire scene so that you could see more of the details of the market.  I also included the sign above the booth in this series..  See if you can guess what they are selling. The photos are arranged so that you see the entire booth first, and then if I could get a closeup, it is beneath the full booth photo.

Papermache products.

 Plush toys.

 I bought one of the star baskets with the dried fruit to hang in the kitchen.  I thought that I could get this home without breaking or damaging it.  It made it home safe and sound and now hangs above my sink in front of the kitchen window.

 Items made from horns?


This was a good market with a lot of booths.  It is a distance from the central part of Vienna where the boat was docked and where I eventually had an apartment for three days. The Palace is in the lower left of this map and the boat was docked in the upper right.

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