Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany - Imperial Castle of Nuremberg (Part 1)

My morning destination was the Imperial Castle, located in the northern section of Nuremberg. It is built on sandstone and, along with the massive wall, is considered one of the most formidable medieval fortifications.[Details in wikipedia: Nuremberg Castle]  I arrived before the tour groups and was able to get some uncrowded photos.

The street was pretty steep, so I took my time and took photos.  This fancy building is an Arts and Crafts Museum. I didn't have time to visit but would like to on another journey.  It was originally a merchant's house from the late Renaissance.  The main building survived the World War II bombings.

On to the castle... It was overcast with a thick cloud laying pretty low.  The skies are white and it is cold but not uncomfortable.  This walkway takes us to the castle.

The castle complex is actually made of three different castles.  This walkway is in the Burggraffenburg (Burgrave's Castle).  The building is the Bergamtmannsgebaude (Castle Bailiff's building).
This is the Walburgiskapelle (Walpurgis Chapel).
 The large patio area ahead is called Freiling and the round tower is the Sinwelturn (Sinwell Tower).
 Nuremberg lies below the castle, tucked in a blanket of fog.

 The tower is anchored in to the sandstone.  The tower is considered to be inside the next complex, the Kaiserburg or Imperial Castle.
 I pass through a gate and continue on to the Inner Courtyard with the Heidenturn (Heathen Tower) square and tall on the left and the lower building on the right, Tiefer Brunnen (Deep Well).

The larger building in the background is the Secretarial building.
A closeup of the Sinwell Tower brick work.

 Closeup on the windows and roof line.

I walk through the courtyard and follow the crowd through the next opening.

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