Sunday, July 29, 2007

More and More and More Photos

I'm in the process of adding more photos to some areas and adding more descriptive text from my photos and receipts. If you have already made it through the entire trip, you may want to take a quick stroll through one more time to find the updates.

I've had a fun time with the blog and the comments from family and friends. If you are interested in learning how to write a blog, just contact me and I'll walk you through the steps.

Good Neighbor Kelley returned from New York on Saturday. Being the good neighbor that she is, she called me right away to hear about Paris. I grabbed the bottle of fine French wine that was left over from Bastille day, and headed next door with my laptop and ALL of my photos. She opened some cheese and crackers and we popped the cork on the fine "vin rouge" (red wine.) Then I turned on the laptop and started the big review of the vacation.

We both discussed Paris and the wonderful time, but about photo 700 (yes, 700), I was slowly clicking from photo to photo, and looked over at Kelley. Her eyelids were nearly half shut and she was leaning on her hand to keep her head up.
"How many more?"
"Well, we are at 700 and there are about 1000. I guess that there is about 300 left."

Ohhhhh, we had to stop. She told me that I really needed to limit the number and pick the best photos to show. So, don't be worried if we have planned to look at my photos. The next show-and-tell will be nice and short. Beautiful, but I really can't show you ALL 1000 photos.

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