Monday, July 16, 2007

London - Kensington

Well rested, we rose at a decent time and had breakfast in the Windermere. A pot of tea, some toast, and eggs benedict started the morning off strong. I was very happy to have a new outfit and totally clean clothes. Ahhhh. And I had my own toiletries and large hairbrush so that I could blow dry the hair that had run wild for the previous week in Paris.

We walked around Kensington and South Kensington. Kalen toured Richmond University (where he attended classes). He lived a reasonable walking distance from the University in an apartment. The finger is pointing to the ground floor windows of the apartment building where he shared space with three other students. The Kensington area was nice and we walked past his local grocery store, pubs, and coffee shops. Kalen pointed out one of his favorite places to stop for a quick chocolate croissant and hot beverage in the morning before dashing off. I was amazed that it was a little French place! Montparnasse Cafe - Patisserie, Boulangerie Francais!!

We went to Leicester Square to have dinner and catch "Harry Potter" at the Oreon Theatre. What a beautiful place. They sell reserved seats too. Interesting. The theater is huge and the reserved seating arrangement removes the mad rush for the perfect seat. There are also pricing differences based upon where you sit. We chose seats in "the stalls", which is the section on the bottom in the front seat. We like to sit close for the full effect of the movie.

Seated two rows in front of us was the tour guide that Kalen, Ginan (my sister) and I had in January of 2006 at the Globe Theatre in London. I couldn't believe it and of course wanted to go to talk to him. Kalen kept me in proper restraint and agreed to take a photo. I recognized him because I took a photo of him during his talk at the tour. The photo on the right is the tour guide taken in January 2006. The one on the left is the photo from the theatre. What do you think?

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