Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wittenberg – St. Marien Church

This church goes by many names: City Church; Stadtkirche; Marienskirche; St. Mary's Church; Stadtkirche St Marien; City Church of St. Mary; "Mother Church of the Reformation".  It was first a Catholic church and is now a Lutheran Church.  It is free to visit.  I didn't take notes, but found this good description of the church.
St Marien Steeples

Towering over Marktplatz in the center of Wittenberg is the Stadtkirche (City Church), the oldest building in the city. It is known as the "Mother Church of the Reformation," as Martin Luther did most of his preaching here.

Officially named St. Mary's Church (Marienskirche), the City Church has sections dating from the 13th century, making it the oldest structure in Wittenberg.
The choir dates to about 1300; construction on the rest continued until 1470. The distinctive octagonal turrets were added after the Reformation.
Martin Luther preached here regularly, was married here in 1525 and his six children were baptized here. The pulpit from which he preached is preserved in the Lutherhalle.
The parish church has changed quite a bit since Luther's time, but still contains a magnificent Reformation altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder, depicting the Lord's Supper (look for the faces of Luther, Melanchthon and other Reformation figures), Baptism and Confession.
Cranach was Bürgermeister (mayor) of Wittenberg, a friend of Luther, and one of the most notable Reformation artists. More of his work can be seen in the Lutherhalle and elsewhere. Also notable is the font by Hermann Vischer (1457) that saw the baptisms of Luther's children.

 We were able to take nice photos. I've added some details on the cobblestone streets and building materials as these seem to change from town to town.

The cobblestone patterns show where you can walk
and where cars can drive.

Stone walls

This section was used as the roadway.

You can see that the flatter stones were used for the
pedestrian walkways and the surface was quite level.

Front entrance

Stained glass remains in the window

Reformation altarpiece by Lucas Cranach the Elder

The organ. Didn't get to hear it.

The Pews were a little rigid.

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