Friday, April 22, 2011

MS Swiss Ruby - Elbe River - Welcome to Lunch

Here are some photos as we entered the Czech Republic on the river, on our way to Prague.  The big event along the river were a few men shouting and waving bottles, encouraging us to all join them for a drink.

Towns nestled in to the hillside along side the River Elbe.

A sleek new bridge. Pretty impressive sight.

Next bridge was a little more traditional.

Larger apartment buildings, commercial buildings

The older bridge with a train crossing it.

A shot of the deck with the upcoming castle on the far
hill. This view of the castle caused quite a buzz
on deck, and the photographers were all poised
and ready to shoot.

A view of the town.

The castle. Looked pretty cool.

What better place to take a girl to impress her?

The language changed to Czech.

A shot of the castle as we were directly below it.


(Photos are on the iphone and I'll add them later.)
Three Onion Soup served with cheese croutons
Entrée – Fish and Chips ‘Saxony Style’ – Fish finger fried gold-brown, served with a tartar sauce and potato fries
Buffet Lunch – Turkey Roulade, vegetable rice, creamy pork, basil/tomato fettuccini, Focaccia Sandwich (oven fresh focaccia with ruccola, mozzarella, tomatoes, and roasted bell peppers.) European cheese selection, local flavors, traditional condiments, green salad, fresh fruits.
Dessert – Pear Strudel served with vanilla sauce.

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