Monday, August 3, 2015

Prague to Passau - Harvesting Golden Fields around Lety

[From the Bus Window]
Miles and miles of fields in various stages of growth and harvesting.

 Restauace Steakport 99.  I was able to find this restaurant and penzion (rooms for rent) on the internet.  It had a map so we now have a check on our location.  We are in the town of Lety in the South Bohemian Region of Czech Republic.

We are passing through the farmlands around the town of Nerestce.  Most of the time the road (Route 4) is lined with trees and I couldn't get a good photograph.  Here are different views of those golden fields that went on for miles and miles.

 I finally spotted the big rolls in the field from the harvest.
We are now in Rakovice, South Bohemia Region. This is Nabytek. I had to do a little research on this one.  They sell furniture and even have a Facebook page! Nabytek on Facebook

Somewhere in here we drive through Cimelice.

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