Monday, August 3, 2015

Passau, Germany - St. Stephen's Cathedral Interior (part 1)

The interior is a baroque style. The interior was designed by Giovanni Battista Corlone, an Italian from Genoa,  and the frescos by Carpoforo Tencalla, born in Switzerland and trained in Italy.  The organ is the largest outside of the US and it is the largest cathedral organ in the world.  More info on wikipedia.

Enjoy the views.  I didn't post all photos, but you will see some taken from different views.  I didn't have the heart to deny you each view, so you get them all!  This post is in two parts. The second one is photos only.

 The altar area.

 The grand organ.

 Zoom to the center piece so that we could see how intricate it is.
More photos on the part 2.

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