Monday, August 3, 2015

Passau, Germany - City Walking Tour Dock View

I will start our city tour by showing you Passau on a map.  Passau sits at the meeting point of three rivers.  The guide pointed out that this is just like Pittsburgh.  It is located in Lower Bavaria.  The Danube River is made from the Inn on the south and the Iln on the north.  Yes, the rivers are different colors.  This is a border town with Austria and it has become a big migration point for the refugees and economic migrants.  Our boat is docked on the upper river.  If you look closely, you can see the river cruise boats stacked two and three together.

We gather outside to meet our tour guide Sabine and get our first views of the buildings along the river.
 I take a quick shot of our location just in case I need to return on my own.
 Pretty flowers.

 A view of the dock area along the Fritz-Schäffer Promenade.  The pink bell towner is St. Paul's Catholic Church.
 The buildings are well cared for.  We make our way across the street Untere Donaulände.
 The cobblestone sidewalks.
 A view of "how things are done there" with a gutter shot.
 A view of a side street complete with construction and pothole mending.  Three Rivers aside, this is resembling Pittsburgh more and more!
 Our guide pointed out a high water mark on one of the buildings.  Flooding along the river can be a huge problem.

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