Saturday, August 1, 2015

Prague, Czech - Prague Castle Steps

We walked past several incredible views. We were on the river side of the castle and could see Prague.  The dark bridge on the right side is the Charles Bridge with all of the statues and the large tower.

 We walked along the pathway until we came to a small courtyard with the Toy Museum and a cafe.
 The Toy Museum is the second largest exposition of toys in the world.  We did not go in but it sounds interesting. The toys are from all over the world, from ancient Greece to present time. Note that it covers two floors and has a large Barbie exposition.  There are also toys to purchase.  If you don't add this to your original ticket, there is a fee to enter. One advisor on TripAdvisor that said that the woman at the entry did not add the math correctly.  Be firm.

Our guide did stop in front of the museum to discuss the statue.  Thin and emaciated, the guide said that it was originally built without private parts.  They were later added.  There were a lot of "photos taken with" and "rub for good luck", as with all metal statues.  If you want to read a funny blog post of another tourist, click here.

Another view as I began the walk down the romantic "Prague Castle Steps".  We exited the Eastern gate of the Prague Castle and began the walk down, down, down.   It was nice to get a view between the trees of "Lesser Town"
There is a strong railing all the way to the bottom.  The 287 steps were built around 1835.
Statues lined the wall.
The bus was waiting for us at the bottom. I am glad that the bus took us to the top and we had the opportunity to walk down.  It took this photo to remind myself and to let everyone know that there are "Hop On Hop Off" buses in Prague.
As we crossed the Manesuv Bridge, we had a nice view of the river and the Charles Bridge.

The boy statue story -
Toy Museum

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