Sunday, August 2, 2015

Prague, Czech - Slavonic and Bohemian Gifts

As you exit the Old Jewish Cemetery, you are on U Stareho Hrbitova.  On either side of the exit you will find another museum.
This is the Jewish Ceremonial Hall. It is a 1906 synagogue, memorial, and museum.

There are vendor booths and a nice Slavonic Handcraft and Bohemia Hand Cut Lead Crystal shop...and an ATM.

 Entrance to the shop.

 "Traditional Slavonic Handicraft" window.
 Close up views from the Slavonic Handicraft window.

 You can see variations inside the store.

This is the jewelry window.  A lot of amber is sold here, but one needs to be able to authenticate it because you can also buy fake pieces.

And in the lower corner are these large eggs. I really like the Muchas (girls) and Klimt (the women in gold) styles.
 And the bohemian crystal.  I later bought a set of six red crystal aperitif glasses.
 There is a row of handicraft vendor shops.

Here are some puppets.
 And artwork.
We didn't have time to shop and the guides pulled us all together to continue our walking tour.

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