Saturday, August 1, 2015

Prague, Czech - St. Vitas Cathedral Interior - Part 2

Enjoy the view. More details to follow. I will update as soon as I find detailed information on the interior of the building and repost.

This section shows the Saint John of Nepomuk's silver tomb.

I'm not one to gossip about saints, but I found a story on a website (reference at the bottom of this page) that said that the tomb was opened after 300 years.  Along with the normal remains, there was a  "reddish sliver of live flesh".  Of course this caused an uproar but it only served to prove that he was truly a saint. He heard confessions from the queen of St. Wenceslas.  The king wanted to know the details...saint refused...king tortured saint and then threw him in to the river...river soon dried up in a drought...saint's body was found and then the huge tomb was built.

Source for the St. John's tongue story:  By the way, the story was debunked in 1973 when it was determined that the flesh wasn't a tongue but a brain slice.  I guess all is now right in the world!

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