Monday, August 3, 2015

Prague to Passau - Farmland and Small Towns

[From the Bus Window]
The ride continues through farmland and our first small town.

 Yes, this one is crazy diagonal.  I started to crop it but I realized that what I was trying to capture was the sign in the lower left corner.  Universal symbols for the road warrior.

 These solar powered signs were located all along the road.

 I don't know if this is a personal collection of things, or things for sale.
 The sign says "Second Hand".  Pullover, bus driver. Yard sales!!

 This looks like another type of gas station.
 Mining operations?

 Looks like we may have a road expansion soon.  Or maybe we are riding on the road expansion.

 We later learned that these stacks of wood were intended to show where the road was when the snow buries it. Yikes! It was such a warm day that I can't imagine the entire area blanketed in white fluffy snow.
It was about this time that Pat Murphey moved from a seat across the aisle to the seat next to me.  She leaned over and quietly remarked that I looked pretty busy, which was a good thing, because the woman she was sitting with was talking her ear off.  We were travel buds from that moment forward!

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