Saturday, August 1, 2015

Prague, Czech - Golden Lane at Prague Castle

Golden Lane is lined with small picturesque houses.  Originally, the houses along this road housed goldsmiths. These houses were demolished in 1591.  Later Emperor Rudolph II allowed 24 Prague Castle fusiliers to build their homes here. "Fusiliers"is used for various types of soldiers.  Since the 19th century these homes were mostly rented.  House #14 was rented by fortune-teller

 Franz Kafka was a writer, and rented #22 in 1916-1917.  The Golden Lane is where he found his inspiration for the book "The Castle".

 The Golden Lane houses were nationalized after the war and later restored and painted between 1952 and 1955. Most of the occupants are souvenir and book stores.

 At the end of Golden Lane, there is a gate entrance to Daliborka Prison Tower. The name "Dalibor" comes from a Czech prisoner who (according to the legend) learned to play the violin while incarcerated.

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