Saturday, August 1, 2015

Prague, Czech - Drive from Art Deco Imperial to Prague Castle

[Prague through the Bus Window]
This is the drive from our hotel to the Prague Castle.

Beata (red top) from AHI Travel is prepping the Prague city tour guides.  The buses depart on a schedule. We are "blue bus #2" and the designation stayed for the entire trip, which made it very convenient to remember your group.  The AHI Travel Guides changed buses so that we could all get to know each other.  The city tour guides stayed with us for the day.

 Today we are going from our hotel to the castle across the river at the top of the hill.  It is Saturday, so there is some traffic.  It is going to be a hot day so I am glad that we are departing for a morning tour.

 River cruise boats are docked and waiting for a busy day to begin.
 The inspectors checking out everything.

 This captured a few interesting items. Inside the base is a place to buy boat tickets.  And the sign with the red circle says that horse and buggy are allowed. And the lamp posts are very pretty.  This is a photo with all of those items in it, and then there are three photos as close up views.

Prague Boats - tickets for sale.  They offer a wide range of boat tours.

Pretty clear!

I cut most of this off in the original photo because it had the black dots from the edge of the bus window.  This is the best view of the lamp posts.

We cross the Cechuv Most (bridge).  This is the only Art Nouveau style bridge in Czech Republic.

Cars, people, and street cars.  Glad that I am on the bus!  This green area is Letna Park. We turn left on the street Nabrez Edwardo Benese.
 These grand stairs lead up the hill to the Prague Metronome.  You can't see the Metronome from my photos but here is a small description of it in case it interests you for your "next trip". It was built in 1991 in the area left empty by the 1962 destruction of a huge monument to Stalin.  The Metronome is mostly used as a scenic and gathering spot.
 We are in the Brunice area and the buses are directed to take a short cut and easier to navigate road by the name of "U Bruskynch kasaren" 

 This small street, Pod Bruskou, leads to the five star hotel and spa Hotel Hoffmeister.
 We are now on Chotkova, a twisting and turning street that takes us up to the top of the hill.

 These are a few more photos of the area as our bus prepares to stop and drop us off for our castle tour.  Keep in mind that there are street cars that get you to this area!

Camera off and off the bus.  More to come!

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