Monday, August 3, 2015

Prague to Passau - Cimelice and More Fields to Pisecka

[From the Bus Window]
This looks like a nice little town. It is called "Cimelice" and we are still in the South Bohemian Region.
This lake came complete with fancy statues on the bridge.

 The town is a little worn but noticeably NO graffiti.

 We quickly moved through the town and past more fields.

Somewhere in here we drive through an areas called Racovice, Boudy, Mirotice.  We are driving on a two lane road that has passing lanes every so often.
At some point, the road expands and we are on a four lane divided highway.  We drive through towns and areas with names Piedotice, Drhovie, Dobev, Prestovice,  Rovna, Repice, Pisecka.  The area was pretty much the same with the large fields and the trees lining the road.

When we drove through Pisecka, I saw the sign for the bicycle crossing so I kept on "clicking".

 This crosswalk reminded me of the famous Beatles crosswalk in London.
 I think that this is another of my favorite sights...a newspaper kiosk.

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