Friday, July 31, 2015

Prague, Czech - Street Scenes Veleslavin to Praha 6

[Street Scenes on bus ride from airport to hotel in Prague] We continued on our ride to the hotel in Prague in Veleslavin. We are now about 5km from the airport and west of Prague.  This town has been around since the 10th or 11th century, according to local records.  It has been part of Prague since 1922 and 2006 records show that 6,548 people live here.

In the lower left side is an area called "Petriny" It is known for modern buildings by the architect Vlado Milunic.

The close-up shows that this is a sports club with squash, fitness, aerobic, alpinning, and spinning.
If you look closely at the windows, you can see that the top tilts in to open.

The set of stairs caught my eye.
Ah, KFC is global.
Billa is a European supermarket chain that originated in Austria.  It was founded in 1953 and is now owned by a German company.  The supermarket's name is derived from a contraction of Billiger Laden, German for "inexpensive shop".
I am guessing that these are textile recycling bins.
An entrance to...
One of the entrances to the metro station "Borislavka".

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