Friday, July 31, 2015

Prague, Czech – From Airport to Prague - Liboc

[Street Scenes on bus ride from airport to hotel in Prague] I found a seat by the window for the trip from the airport to the hotel in Prague.  Pat M. sat next to me because she thought that I would be a good one to sit with...I was busy taking photos out the bus window and wasn't too chatty.

This is what I saw, taken with my iPhone 6.  Luckily, the phone has a GPS and geotags each photo so I can give you an idea of where we were.

We will drive from the airport (on the left side of the map) to Prague (on the right side).  We will travel on the road Evropska, the one that is above the yellow road.

Praha - Ruzyne - A district of Prague in Prague 6.  It has been a part of Prague since 1960.  The Vaclav Havel Airport is located here.  We are driving on E48.

 From the map it looks like we are driving through Tulipan Park, an Industrial park with nice green spaces.
 This looks like giant luggage.

 Prague - Predni Kopanina.  This is a suburb of Prague located 10 km northwest of the city center in the vicinity of Vaclav Havel Airport, Prague.  It has a population of 667 (2006). First mentioned in 1285, it was incorporated as a municipal district of Prague in 1974. The main attraction is a Romanesque Rotunda of St. Mary Magdaline, which we didn't see along the main road.
 Prague - Libroc - Part of Prague district 6.
 Prague - Ruzyne  GPS must be bouncing from one to the other town as we move.
 Cross over a main route, I think Route 1.
Liboc again.

 Grafitti to add to my collection.

 There is a little ditch work going on here. I wonder if there is a difference between an orange vest and a yellow vest.

 Our first siting of a Tabac stand, as well as the large trash cans sitting at the edge of the grass.  If you look closely at the taller red one, you can see a recycling sign on it.  I can't tell from this view how the green and white domed contained is used.  The orange and the blue (and a yellow edge) containers on wheels look like bulk trash pickup.
Left to right, a bus pickup spot with a city line map (nice), a trash can, and some public art.
 The last view of Prague-Liboc.  Houses on the left, cars stopped waiting for the light, a sidewalk bench and a little cafe with outdoor seating on the right.  There must be some sidewalk maintenance going on.  Barriers are lining a few areas.

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