Friday, July 31, 2015

Prague, Czech - Street Scenes on Na Porici

After check in, I decided to take a photo walk on my street Na Porici to become familiar with the area.  This seems to be a good transportation street.  I've seen buses and a network of street cars.

 I crossed the street to get a full length photo of my Art Deco Imperial Hotel with a view of Cafe Imperial on the bottom.  Notice the corner position of the cafe with views from the tall windows.

The center opening is access to multiple interior stores.  The seating outside was for an ice cream and drinks small storefront.

 A nearby shopping center.  This website has an interesting commentary:
The Bílá labuť department store is a sad reminder of what shopping used to be like in Czechoslovakia of the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, the Na Poříčí store with its revolving swan above the entrance was the place to shop. Today, the depressing, ugly building stands almost forgotten. The reason to go there is to transport oneself back in time. 
 A cheese store.  Too bad that I don't have an in room refrigerator!

 Window shopping for treasures.

This is an art couch by Alexandra Koláčková. She is an artist who works with large scale ceramic pieces. Her website is  The majority of the work displayed on her website is colorful and found in public spaces.

 These are displays in the Bila Labut window.

THIS is a display window in a liquor store.

I am back at the hotel and going to prep for our opening night cocktail party.

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