Friday, July 31, 2015

Prague, Czech - Bubeneč

[Street Scenes on bus ride from airport to hotel in Prague] Bubeneč sits in Prague 6 and Prague 7. We are moving from left to right on the map.  From the map, it appears that the buildings are aligned with the street with center courtyards.

We are entering the circular roundabout.  The sign is an indication of the roads leading to a wide variety of places.
 The area surrounding the circle is grassy.  Then the buildings are built right up to the edge of the sidewalk.  Business on the bottom and residences on the upper floors.
 I have tried to figure out what this monolith is supposed to be, but no luck so far.

 Something happens from 00:00 to 05:00.
 While trying to figure out what Hostinec u Viléma was, I found that they have a Facebook page!! Hostinec U Viléma (oficiální FB stránka)éma-oficiáln%C3%AD-FB-stránka/192303707546962   The answer: a restaurant and bar. They seem to specialize in beer.

I saw the red balcony and turned to capture it.
 Ornate. Variety in the architecture and color scheme.

What in the world is this place?  (Next photo) Well, it took some walking around in Google Maps, but I found it.  It is a tea house in the top of an old water tower.
- Čajovna Ve Věži 
Web address: The writing below is a Google Translation of part of the page.
The tower, which is situated teahouse, previously served as the waterworks.It was built in 1888 in neo-Renaissance style, on the occasion of a permanent exhibition in Prague. For many years, he was a major landmark of Prague Letna and ever / see the logo /. Until the reign of communism, when the vnitřtní tank dismantled for scrap and the tower was overshadowed building Molochov. Under the tower still see the torso of a rare iron wells, which originally had two beautiful huge lion's head. In place of the current tearoom founded in 1997, used to be a beautiful apartment for engineering waterworks. Above the tea room is a large space, which had been already mentioned tank is circular in shape, now there is even more ancient clockwork.

 For future reference, this is the location of the Tea House (the red balloon below.)  I would go there!

The GPS identification on the photographs changed to Letenski sady, which is a park.  More about that on the next post.

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