Thursday, July 30, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona – United Flight Bound for Houston

Gabor from Budapest dropped me off in front of Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 2.  I walked inside to the United counter and put my passport on the reader.  No action.  I took it off and put it on again.  Nothing.

The agent next to me said “Face down”.  I flipped the passport and my flight information appeared on the screen.  
Final destination Prague – Yes
Checked luggage – 0

The clerk at the counter than asked “Do you want a printed ticket?”

“Yes” was my quick reply.  I had checked in online the day before and had the airline passes in the Passbook app on my iPhone.  The thought of technical failure still hangs over me.  I need a printed ticket.

Short lines at the ticket and ID checkpoint. Short lines at the security check. Small laptop was in the front pocket of my bag and I slid that out. Shoes off.  Phone put inside my personal bag.  Sweater off.  No liquids.  Walk through the machine, hands up over head and stand still for 3 seconds.  The staff needed to do a back pat down, so I stood to the side and we went through that quickly.  Gathered all of my stuff, shoes back on, sweater back on, phone in to my pocket, laptop in the front of the carry on.

I have this all down to a science! I silently celebrated.

I had a cup of coffee and waited for the departure.  United boards by groups, and I was in Group 5.  23C in the Economy.  An aisle seat.  Good.  Boarding began at 6:36 am and luckily by the time Group 5 boarded there was enough overhead luggage space.  I put my bag in the overhead, sat for a while and let the others in to the window and center seat, clicked by seatbelt, and closed my eyes.

One deep breath and I was in Houston.  I soundly slept through the 7:11 am take-off, the entire 2.5 hour flight, and the 11:49 am landing in Houston.

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