Friday, August 3, 2007

Sophie's Bistro

(Note: this photo is from the website. I'll update it with my photo when I can.)

4:30 rolled around on Friday, and it was time to sit down for a little Happy Hour. I wanted to introduce Gwen to one of my favorite places, Sophie's Bistro. Tucked away on 2320 E Osborn Rd just west of 24th Street, this wonderful little place is a French bistro. Since the doors don't open until 5, we decided to sit on the patio and chat. The owner walked out to the patio and invited us to come in and get out of the heat. Delighted, we entered and took a seat at the bar. The restaurant is a converted house and is so cute and casual, yet formal with linens and sparkling glasses. I ordered a glass of Baron Phillipe de Rothschild - Merlot - 04 and Gwen ordered Courvasier on the rocks. At once the owner (French) said Courvasier with a French accent and she changed the way that she ordered it. The bartender brought a second round, and this time he put hot and steamy water in a glass, and balanced the Courvasier on its side to be warmed. The aroma was very sweet and fragrant and she admitted that this was the only way to serve. I think that she is hooked.

We wanted to order something to eat, so we had the International Cheese Selection and Fresh Fruit Plate and Les Escargots Traditionnels. I'll have to return to the restaurant to write down exactly the name of the cheeses that we ordered because the selection was awesome. The escargot were cooked in butter and garlic and were actually better eaten by themselves than on bread. We took our time and chatted, enjoying the total attention of the bartender as he fussed with napkins and refills of our water glasses.

Conclusion: Gwen needs to bring her Mom here, and she and I need to come for a lunch or dinner.

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