Monday, August 20, 2007

Mel's Diner

Yes, believe it or not, this is THE Mel's Diner from the TV Show "Alice". It's on Grande Avenue just south of McDowell in Phoenix. The food is regular diner food, reasonably priced, with large portions. The daily specials are usually worth ordering, although I seem to go there when I am hungry for breakfast during lunch. The staff is very friendly and pay attention to me when I need attention, and leave me alone (filling my water glass or coffee as needed) when I'm reading. It's a great little hide-away and you may not pull in here if you were just driving past. But it's worth stopping in just to see the old memorabilia and photos. A lot of locals who seem to stop in on a regular basis, if that is a recommendation. It was one of those places that stayed "smoking" until the very last minute allowed by the Phoenix voters. I don't know what the smokers are doing now as it doesn't look as if Mel's has added a patio for smoking. Well, it is a bit hot in August, so maybe this is a change that will take place during the winter. I'll ask about the plans the next time that I stop in.

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