Sunday, August 5, 2007

La Grande Orange again

Okay, so I can't spend the weekend without stopping into this little place. I knew that it would be perfect because I could get there a little early, have my breakfast and latte, read a little and then be ready for full out girl talk. I had poached eggs over toasted ciabatta with a side of crispy bacon. A little jam and fruit on the side and you have a good Sunday breakfast. I read some of Sarcozy's (France's president) book while I waited for the rest of the ladies to arrive. I like to wear my studious glasses and look academic.

Karla had already eaten, so we were able to discuss our many topics until Susan and Marnia arrived. Susan had a bran muffin and Marnia ordered the French pancakes for herself and her son. After about three hours, and a few coffee refills, we broke up our morning fete. Marnia is getting married in October at a resort west of Phoenix, so I'm trying to convince the others that we need to book some rooms at the hotel so that we can all be on vacation. I think that it is a great idea, so the others appear to be a little apprehensive.

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Richard said...

Well, Well Ladee, aren't we the busy one? Again, a great job with the blog. I have been through the whole thing and found it very interesting. You two sure did get around in the short time there. Your new mission sounds like a great idea, and fun. Keep up the good work. Miss you. Take card.