Friday, August 3, 2007

La Grande Orange

This is one of my favorite places in Phoenix. It was once just a small common store on the southwest corner of 40th Street and Campbell in Phoenix. Now it is a line of (independently owned?) little stores which are interconnected. The Orange is a grocery, wine, sandwich, breakfast and coffee shop. Extra seating in the morning and at lunch is in a business next door, which turns into a wonderful Pizza restaurant at night. Next is a Gelatto shop. Yum! Then there is a bakery by the name of Tammy Coe's which bakes wonderful breads and absolutely elegant cakes. The last store is a Paper store. The bakery products can be purchased in the store, as can unique paper products. One of the BEST products that I have found in this store are jarred semi-dried tomatoes, Pomodoraccio. These are so wonderful on crackers or bread, with a mild cheese.

I can't say enough wonderful things about the staff. A fun and hard working group, they know the meaning of personalization and customer service.

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