Sunday, August 5, 2007


This place is all about the desert. Sure, order the salad, and order a pizza. But don't eat too much. Have them box it up to go. It's not the best when eaten cold, but save room for the desert!
It is a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, freshly baked in the tin, and topped with three scoops of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon. Be ready to dig in to get your fair share. I think that it is good manners to actually cut a line in the middle to make sure that no one fights.

Had lunch at Oregano's on University in Tempe. We sat outside and it wasn't too hot because we sat in front of the cooler. I just can't get past my favorite items: salad, pizza, and the hot cookie a la mode for desert. Timing is everything at this restaurant, as it is often crowded.

Just for the is Kalen's new car.

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