Sunday, May 3, 2015

Flagstaff, Arizona - Flagstaff Street Scenes

I drove to San Francisco Street to see the shops and cafes.  Some have names on the fronts.

This is a "Historic Brewing Company" with indoor and outdoor patio dining.

 I decided to go to Whyld Ass Cafe.

 Nice double front layout with snacks, brewed coffee and teas.

 This was a spicy chipotle brownie.
 I was admiring the macrame plant hanger.

 The Tinderbox Restaurant

 Separated by a patio, the Urban Kitchen is owned by the Tinderbox.  Nice to know that this exists. It is a little grocery store, coffee shop, tea store.  Nice to stop here before heading out for a hike to grab some to-go lunch food.

 I saw the clouds reflected in my (red) jeep window.  Pretty cool.

 Ambiance and old buildings.
 Saw this cow on a building at a red light!
 Route 66 buildings.
 This is a great "Route 66" store. The owner is German and loves all of his stuff.

 This is only one of the many shop-lines streets in Flagstaff.

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