Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rimrock, Arizona - Montezuma's Well

Montezuma's Well is located east of Interstate 17 in Rimrock, AZ.  Take exit 293 and drive through McGuireville (stop at Nikki's Grill for a great meal) and Rimrock.  The location is well marked with signs.  Also, there is a really nice picnic area, so remember to pick up a lunch at Nikki's.

The Well is not considered "accessible" as there are steps and rough paths.  I only had time to walk the upper path.  There is a continuation of the path that winds down the hill to the creek and returns to the parking lot.

The information that I provide on this page was taken from the Park Service's information displayed around the area. The internet has many more details if you are interested.

 There is no cost to enter. A donation is appreciated. Find the red box near the path exit.  It is across the parking lot near the restrooms.  This building is the office.
 Rocks layer on either side of the path.
 This is my first peek as I approached the first view point.
 The Sinagua (name means without water) cliff dwellings.

 Looking down at the Well.

 There are no fish in the well due to water conditions.  There is plant growth.  Life in the Well consists of leeches, amphipods, water scorpions, and turtles.  The water is highly dissolved concentrated carbon dioxide (more than 600 times the normal level).

The next photos are views of the beautiful clouds and wildflowers.

 The well is a sinkhole, a collapsed underground cavern filled with water.  More than a million gallons of water flow through the well a day.

 A distant storm verga across the valley.

 Reflections of the cliff dwellings in the Well water.

 Some housing ruins.
 An old tree.

 Cactus in bloom.  Don't get too close!
 Ancient trenches carried the water from the well to the cultivated areas.

 The well is 368 feet across and 55 feet deep.  The panoramic pulls the views together so that you can see the entire area.  I am standing at the far lookout. Across the pond are the cliff dwellings.
This ends the views of Montezuma's Well.  We went to the picnic area and enjoyed lunch.

On the way home I stopped at Sunset Point and took a few more photographs.  There was a storm over Bumblebee (the town below the lookout).
 The rest stop had several desert plants in bloom.  I am waiting for the arrival of my new Savage micro lens set but decided to capture some desert color to share.

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