Sunday, May 17, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona - Desert Cactus Blooms

I walked through the Desert Botanical Garden this morning. The focused mission was "cactus blooms".  I realized once I was half way through that I did not get the names, so just enjoy the beauty and diversity.  I took the lens that allowed me to get close because I have a new gadget coming that will allow me to get even closer.  I wanted this as a base set of photographs.

I have tried to tone the reds down a bit because they are very overwhelming on the screen.

 This is an succulent flower.
 These are very tiny flowers.  And I didn't notice the stripes on the cactus until I brought the photographs home to view on a larger screen.

 I couldn't find any of these "open and in bloom", so maybe this is the full bloom stage.
 One of the staff members stopped me as I walked to leave and asked if I had seen the "Stapella Gigantea" in bloom (Giant Starfish).  These are from Zambia to South Africa.  The sign said that flies love these blooms that smell like rotten meat and carry the dust inside to the next flower.

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