Friday, May 16, 2008

Paisley Violin

Talked Nick into driving to Grand Avenue to try a little place recommended by Good Neighbor Shauna. This had been a favorite of hers when they were located closer to her Honeywell office. It was hard to find when the sign was painted with darker paint, but this is nice and bright and much easier to find when you are zipping down Grand Avenue. The owners told me that they have been here for about four years. I had discovered them while attending the First Friday Art Walk in Phoenix in March.

After parking in a little lot, the first thing that we see as we enter through the back of the builting is the back patio with brightly painted little houses. The owners said that these were homes built to house the German prisoners during WWII. They were going to be destroyed on their original site. They were purchased and moved to the area behind the restaurant. Now they are in the process of renovation to turn them into small offices and artist studios. They are soooo cute!
We both ordered the Soup Of The Day
Chilean Crab Chowder - $5.25
King Crab with nopales, celery, red onion, red potato, herbs and spices.

I had the Sandwich Plate Of The Day.
Sweet and Spicy Chicken - $8.50
Tender breast of chicken with caramelized red onion, garlic, lemon and honey spice with crisp lettuce, cucumber and aioli sauce on a fresh focaccia. This was a little spicy, and very tasty. It was a bit more than I wanted, especially since I ordered the soup also. I took half of the sandwich with me for a snack later in the day.

Nick had the Panini Italiano for $ 8.00
Fresh tomato, mozzarella, and Prosciutto nestled with crisp basil and a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil on fresh sourdough. (You can also get it for $6.50 without prosciutto.)

We both had the Tea Of The Day
Tropical Fruit Green Tea - $2.00

Anxious to try what the waiter described as the best coffee in Italy, I ordered a double espresso and Nick had a mocha. The coffee used was Segafredo Zanetti L'espresso (from the sign on the wall). I've never heard about this type of coffee as Illy is the only one that I knew. He said that this isn't easily available in the US. Boy, was it ever tasty. Either the coffee beans were really good, or this waiter makes a mean cup of espresso. My sister just returned from a trip through Italy (Venice, Florence, and Rome) so although she is not a coffee drinker, she may have seen this in her stops throughout her tour. I've had Illy, but not Segafredo. Ah, a new experience.

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