Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chez Cook

I enjoyed a home cooked meal at the home of Karen Cook. Her husband, Dan, is the chef who made this fancy meal: Crab cake with a scallop in the center with raspberry chipolte, asperagus and pilaf. I met Karen in my French class. She had invited Coco also, and Coco brought her mother who was visiting from Paris. I sat next to the "French mom" at dinner so that I could practice my French and it turned out to be quite funny. She spoke very slowly and loudly to me so that I could understand. I finally caught on that she was teasing me about learning a new language. I'll teach her to do that! I will go to Paris and room with her for a few weeks. She will need to listen to my ever evolving French.

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Anonymous said...

This looks really good! Hope you enjoyed it! Ginan