Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kick off for the 3 day training

Today was the Kick Off for the 3-Day 24 week Training. I picked up Samantha, along with our new training team member Janet, and we went to the New Balance store on Chandler Blvd (east of the 101). Good sales (I bought a 3 Day visor). The event started at 8AM but of course we were there early enough to get a java and a great parking spot. The 3 Mile walk was a push as the pace was faster than our normal pace. But we did it! Made plans on the way home to vary our walks, go with different people and extend the experience. Our first step on the 24 week training plan to prep for our November 21 3 Day Walk.

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Ginan said...

The classic "every journey starts with a single step!"