Saturday, May 17, 2008

Victus Personal Chef Service

Notice that I haven't been adding my food stops lately? I haven't stopped eating, just starting eating healthier during the week. I've outsourced my meals and cooking! Every evening my meals for the next day are delivered in a little cooler, right to my door step. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as two snacks, are ready to go for the following day. I've been eating healthy and fresh foods with minimal, if any, additives. This has been a great discovery for me as it has not only provided me with better eating habits, but has freed my time considerably. I dropped six pounds in the first month just by changing my eating habits. I actually lost more in fat, and gained some muscle weight. How do I know this? I also go to have this measured in a "Bod Pod". Very futuristic machine. I'll take a photo the next time that I get my density measured.

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Ginan said...

Thank you for sharing this info with us! Very interesting concept to outsource your shopping/eating and have the added benefit of healthy foods. Ginan