Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - The Market by Jennifer's

A new independent restaurant opened in the neighborhood this week.  Just happened to come across it on a visit to the neighboring antique store.  Since it was close to Happy Hour, thumbs up on the decision to give it a try.  The first thing that I noticed is that there is a nice porch surrounding the restaurant.  The curtains are needed to keep things warm in the evenings.

Inside I could see individual tables set up as well as a long community table.

Menus are by the wall.  A woman explained how to order.  Just go to the counter, get a number and your meal will be delivered to you at the table.
They have a nice wine and beer selection.
 Pastries, olives and more...
 I could see in to the large kitchen.
There is a "Grab and Go" rack for quick in and out stops.
 I chose a glass of Malbec.
 As we chatted, I looked around and took a few more scenery photos.

Perfect time for a "Nosh Board".  The selection tonight was the Charcuterie.

Italian proscuitto, sopprasata, brescola, spanish chorizo.
The large olive looking things were caper berries (very tasty).
 Here are some close-ups as I played with some of my new iPhone photography apps.  Next time I won't sit facing the bright outdoors!

 I loved these little mason jars and need to order some.  Amazon, here I come!

 All in all, everything was tasty.  More items are available in addition to these snacks, but I just wanted to make a quick stop and give "The Market" a try.

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