Sunday, January 19, 2014

Phoenix, Arizona - Hob Nobs Cafe & Spirits

Hob Nobs is a quaint restaurant on McDowell Avenue just west of Central.  You can't miss the distinct exterior of the old house.

They offer a nice variety of breakfast foods and pour a tasty cup of coffee.  The old house is quaint and the many rooms make it easy to find a place to sit and chat.

I had to go to the next street and circle the block to enter the parking lot.  The interior has a large counter space for orders.

 The patio outside is very large and a nice place to gather.  There is parking in the back and along 3rd Avenue.
 Chalkboards display the menu items for breakfast and lunch.
 There are many table grouping.
 Oh look, there is a bar too!
 This vintage seating area was set off to the side.   There is a lot of art on the wall, photographs and paintings, and it makes for interesting conversation.
 There are a number of types of beers (and root beers) in stock.
 Breakfast pastries.
 This is the fireplace room. Nice and homey.
 Some of the art on the wall.
 I had a smoked turkey sandwich.  The name is "Smokey Joe" and a better description is Mesquite smoked turkey breast, hardwood smoked bacon and smoked gouda cheese, green leaf lettuce, sweet onion, tomato and cilantro.
 The local bike trail winds along 3rd Avenue and numerous groups of cyclists were out touring the neighborhood.  The bike path is the narrow lane.

More info?  The website is
Address is 149 West McDowell Road (on the corner of McDowell Road and Third Avenue).

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