Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Paris, France - A Watercolor Portrait by Carol Gillott

I have followed blogger Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfast blog for years as she discussed her adventures in Paris.  She recently moved from New York City to Paris as a way to save travel dollars, since she found herself traveling to Paris multiple times throughout the year.  I decided to connect with her and see if she wanted to have a coffee in a cafe and chat.  She asked if I would like a portrait of the group in Paris.  Mais oui!!

This is the finished artwork.  Continue to learn how it all came together.

We decided to meet in front of a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower upon our arrival.  We exchanged pictures so that it would be easy to find each other.  This is Carol, and I know that I am looking for red glasses and a polka-dot (tres chic!) scarf.

She took multiple photographs of us in front of the restaurant and with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Within a few days, she emailed a group of photos for a selection, produced a sketch for approval ...

and then met me again to deliver the finished product.  I am thrilled with this treasure!  She was able to select some of the best items from multiple photos and combine them in to a very special watercolor.  I look at my red blowing scarf and laugh.  One time a big gust of wind blew as she was taking the picture.  My face looked shocked and windblown (not my best!) but the scarf action was a keeper.

To see more of Carol's work, click here.  She wants to take the photographs to make sure that she has what she needs to produce the portrait.  Plan early, and contact her before you leave for Paris to make arrangements.

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