Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hilo, Hawaii - Morning Sail-In

Land ho!  Our first stop after a four day crossing.  I am very excited to see Hawaii (I've never been here before) and go to the top deck to see what I can see.  There is an overcast sky as we approach Hilo, and I can see a tall mountain in the distance.  The pilot tugboat comes out to give us a helping hand.

We have great views from the top deck and I can see homes, green spaces (golf?) and high rises. The mountains are in the distance and I can see a rainy spot making its way towards us.

I had been eating breakfast when Mom told me to get my camera and get out there on deck!  I was missing the views.  Good call, Mom!

 The land is very lush with a wide variety of trees and vegetation.

 The ship is approaching the dock and I scurry off to prepare to disembark on my first tour.

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