Friday, December 6, 2013

Honolulu, Hawaii - Pacific HQ

We drove to the historical area of the Pacific Army.  This was a beautiful older building.  A new one is planned.

The stars on the floorpiece are significant. There is a series of stars: 1 4 7.  In combination they represent the date of the Pearl Harbor attack: 12/7/41.
 The decorative front window covering.
 Inside the entryway walls are painted with a mural of the Pacific army.
 The painter was not able to sign the work, but when his wife and daughter visited, they recognized his expressions in the face of this man.
 And that man, and that man!!  The artist was everywhere and while it wasn't obvious to me at first, it was fun to discover that these faces were variations on the same man!

 Valor Medal.
 Looking at the window coverings from the inside.

The on land Tour was booked with "Home of the Brave"

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