Sunday, January 27, 2008

Phoenix Art Museum - Art Museum Cafe

We went to the Phoenix Art Museum as soon as it was open to see the Illuminated Manuscripts. This was highly recommended by my sister, as she had seen it in Texas. Watching the video is a must, just so that you can understand what you are seeing. The museum explains it better than I can, so check out the link.

Of course, we had to go to lunch. The Art Museum Cafe houses Arcadia Farms. Well known for healthy and tasty foods, we sampled quite a variety. The descriptions on their menu best describe it below.

STRAWBERRY CHICKEN SALAD ($13) with grilled chicken, vine-ripened strawberries, toasted almonds and mixed baby greens with poppyseed vinaigrette.

HERB ROASTED CHICKEN ($12) with slow-roasted chicken, oven-cured tomatoes, roasted artichokes, baby spinach and herb goat cheese spread on a warm baguette.

We had coffee and tea but were too full to have desert. By the way, the service was a little slow. I guess that you are supposed to pace yourself and not be in a hurry.

I had never thought of going to the museum early (10 AM) on Sunday morning and staying for lunch but this was very nice. AND we noticed that the gardens outside of the museum had great rocks for cooking Japanese food (see the entry from a few weeks ago regarding cooking at your table on rocks.)


Ginan said...

I saw this show when it was in Tyler, TX. I enjoyed it and learned a great deal! It was beautiful.


Ginan said...
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