Friday, January 11, 2008

Zuppa's Bistro and Sweet Thang

Zuppa's Bistro and Sweet Thang are two different establishments, sharing a space. Zuppa's prepares Italian food, focusing on soup, "the ultimate comfort food." Visit the blog at to read Linda Wieczorek's comments about her restaurant and see some wonderful recipes.

This is a new place in the area and I've watched them with interest for a month or so, always intending to stop by. I was running short on time for lunch, so dropped by to see what they had. I was pleasantly surprised. Linda's "Zuppa's Bistro" has a wide variety of soups. I had stuffed shells. A cup of soup accompanies every entree, but I think that there will be days when I will want a bowl of soup and her yummy garlic bread.

Michelle of Sweet Thang made some Cafe au Lait and shared a sample of her special rum cake. Very tasty. She has a full variety of goodies and cupcakes.

Good luck, Ladies. My only wish is that I could place one order when I was in there. I've not been there when it was crowded, so I don't know how the meal at one counter, and coffee at another, will work. I'll give it a try during lunch hour and let you know how it goes.

[more photos...later]

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