Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Middle of Death Valley

Elizabeth and Beth walking at the lowest point on the California Highway, in Death Valley. Beautiful vistas and incredible landscape. The drop from the mountains to the valley is breathtaking (with many thanks for strong breaks.) Initially we were going to only go as far as the "Welcome to Death Valley" National Park sign, but hey, once you are this far you might as well go the distance. Kalen walked out to the salt flats, just to check out what was really there since it all looks like water. It was salt!

May the journey be quick because we don't want to get stuck here.

To our surprise, there is a resort and also a restuarant in the middle of the drive. We had burgers and BBQ chicken and it was very good. We were starving! AND I think that we were all releaved to find food. We forgot our snacks...

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