Saturday, October 12, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona - AZ State Fair Colors

The sky was a clear blue color and the perfect background for the vibrant colors of the Arizona State Fair.  There was plenty to eat!

 Chocolate covered bacon!
 Cooking Turkey legs.

 The rides were spinning.

 There were two Ferris wheels.
 This ride was very busy at 11 in the morning!  All strapped in.
 Slowly to the top of the tower...then a fast drop to the ground.  AHHHHH!
 There were smaller rides for the younger children.  This group looked like they were enjoying rocketing around the track.
 We also had to visit the animals.  We sat in the stands for a while and watched the goat judging contest.  Quite interesting.  This cute little rabbit was resting and posing for photos.
 Of course, we had to stop for the traditional fair Navajo tacos!
 One more look at the fair as we made our way to the exit. Fun day!

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