Saturday, October 12, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona - 2013 Arizona State Fair - Photography

The past year has been spent traveling near and far, collecting photos.  Many thanks to those who patiently waited while I took one last photo and for endless review of "potentials" for the 2013 State fair Photography competition.  I value your opinions and appreciate all of your feedback and encouragement.

This is the Advanced Large Color division. My photos are the lower left and the upper right

Paula Page is very proud that her photo of her granddaughter running through a fountain won First Place in the Amateur Large Color division.
 My photo of the local guitar play received Third Place in the Advanced Small Black and White division.
 The lower right photo is mine from New Orleans.
 The photo of the Emperor's Palace in Tokyo was also displayed.  Upper left on this photo.
 Next is the Advanced Small Color division.  Three of my photos are on the far right column, the bottom three.  The red one was taken at a temple in Kyoto, the Bread stack was at the Phoenix Central Market, and the bottom close-up is a Barbary monkey taken in Gibraltar.
 One of my favorites is in the second from the right column, at the top. It is a picture of Phoenix, with dark storm clouds behind. The morning sunrise came in over my shoulder, behind me, as I drove to work, and lit the city.
 This is the Arizona Highways division.  There were some incredible landscapes, absolutely beautiful.  One of my photos made it to the display.  Second from left column, bottom photo.
If you have a chance, make some time to go to the Arizona State Fair through November 2.  Look at the photos, and if you have the urge, consider joining in next year!

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