Monday, October 7, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona - Beckett's Table Color Therapy Dinner

Beckett's Table on East Indian School Road in Phoenix held a fun event on Monday night.  Titled "Color Therapy", each course was in a unique color.  The restaurant asked the 50 participants to dress in white.  The room was all in white.  Many thanks to Karl for finding this event listing and inviting me.

Red course: amontillado spanish sherry, ruby port, and local citrus...served chilled

 Paired with "Beef on a cracker".  Tender beef carpaccio, paprika cracker, tomato jam, baby beet, fresno chili, and bulls blood.  Interesting...I didn't notice that when I read the menu earlier. Probably better that I didn't know all of the details.

 We moved from the bar area to the table.  White linens, white flowers.  Guests dressed in white.  Lovely.
 Second course: Green.  Soup and Salad.  Chilled spinach and pea soup, summer zucchini cakes, pistachio sand, jalapeno vinaigrette, mizuna.  All paired with green chartreuse, Hendrick's gin, frozen garden herb.  The herb was frozen in ice

 Orange course:  Lobster and Prawn.  Maine lobster, spot prawns, lobster butternut squash broth, pancetta, orange citrus.  The top photo is the serving plate with the lobster and the bottom photo is the plated version

 Paired with gran sarao cava, honey syrup, organic carrot juice

 The table is showing a little color!
 Next course: White.  "Champagne Caviar".  "pop rocks flavor crystals.  Cleanses.
 Next course: Purple.  We started with a red wine: sand rechoner 5, from Cochise County, Arizona.
 The purple course was "Venison and Vegetables".  Sousvide spice rubbed venison, purple vegetable succotash, okinawan yam soufflĂ©, currant wine reduction, sango sprouts.  Hmmmmm?  Well, it all tasted very good.

 The final course was Brown.  Kentucky straight bourbon, chambord, chocolate milk.
 Chocolate Moonscape: chocolate cake, cocoa meringue, housemade "kit kat", ruby port chocolate ice cream, frozen chocolate bubbles.
Fun night.  The long table arrangement made talking to your neighbors very easy.  Beckett does such a good job!

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