Wednesday, July 3, 2013

San Diego, California - Bistro Sixty

Bistro Sixty is a neighborhood cafe that started as a neighborhood bakery selling wholesale desserts.  A few tables were added to the front, and then the full restaurant setting grew in the space, then a patio seating area was created.  There is music most nights.  It was a little loud if you wanted to chat, but great if you wanted to listen and eat and drink a little wine.

The lamb chops were cooked to perfection and served with gnocci and peas.
We had a nice Malbc with the meal.
And topped it off with three of the famous desserts: Lemon, Red Velvet, and Grand Marnier Chocolate. To select the dessert, one of the diners walks to the display cabinet and looks at all of the wonderful desserts.  With a little inside help from the staff, we choose complementary tastes and our waitress decorated the plate and the dessert.  It was good and bad.  Good that we shared and tasted each one, and bad that we had to share!

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