Saturday, July 13, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona - Julia Baker Confections

I stopped by the Apple store at the Biltmore Fashion Center on Camelback Road for a class. After the class, I decided to take a walk through the shops.

I was shocked, thrilled, amazed...and more... when I looked in the window of "Julia Baker Confections".  I was instantly in Paris.  The shop is just delightful.

I didn't know where to start looking. Chocolates, beautiful chocolates.  And wonderful packaging.

My second step, towards the center of the shop.  I saw seats.

Beautiful and delicate chocolates.  Do they sell these by the case?

I decided to sit down for a snack.  I was thrilled when I looked at the menu and I saw that sipping chocolate was available.  My first sipping chocolate was at Angelina's in Paris, as was my second.  The taste memory was still in my head.  I was not disappointed.  Warm and luxurious chocolate and freshly whipped cream.  Marvelous taste.

The chocolate cake was decorated with raspberries in gold dust.

And a signature chocolate on the top.

The woman sitting next to me said it looked like ALOT of chocolate.  WHAT?  This is just about enough.  (I did have to take some home to savor later.)

Link to their website: (No affiliation...just a big fan)

My original comments when I posted with by iPhone live from Julia Baker's shop.  I was overcome with joy!  Highly recommended.
OMG. I am in Paris!! No, it's 110 outside and I have ordered a hot chocolate thick and wonderful...Angelina's twin recipe.

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