Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beijing Noodles

The restaurant was out of curry so my second choice was "Beijing Noodles". The noodles were special for the area ( and aren't simply spaghetti) with additions of carrots, jicama or something like it, and covered in a sweet brown sauce with small meat pieces. I drank a lot of the bottled water as I'm feeling a little dehydrated from the flight. Used the chopsticks without problems and didn't dirty the fork.

We have wifi access in the room. I can post to the blog by sending this info in an email and I'm glad that I set up the account to do that. If I do this on my phone, I'm limited to one photo due to email size limits. I can't directly web access the blog so I will have multiple photos prepped to add when I have can.

So far, my impression of China and Beijing is very positive. The young woman next to me on the plane was very chatty and spoke much to the other passenger. She and I had a fun discussion about several of the tourist sites. At the airport, the tour group was easy to find with their large signs. The drive in from the airport took about an hour. I did see some of the large new developments that stand empty as well the full ones. (See 60 Minutes story) Our tour guides will be Lee and Dan. Lee explained that next week is a holiday time so the sites will be crowded with locals. Great. Traffic coming in to the city was jammed and I have some interesting driving photos for a separate discussion.

My mother and aunt arrived late and I haven't seen them yet. Can't wait to hear about their travel adventures.

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Ginan said...

Glad to hear that you're off to a great start! I enjoy getting the status info and am following along with your trip.