Monday, April 29, 2013

Beijing, China - Beijing Railway Station

One of my fellow travelers mentioned that the Beijing Railway Station was near where we stayed in Beijing and it would have been nice to see it.  She was on the left side of the bus and I was on the right, and we kept our seats throughout the Beijing tours.  So, I was able to see the Railway Station every day as we returned from touring.  I am sharing these photos with her and keep in mind that they are from the bus window as we zip along.  The photos will show the building from right to left as we travel past.  

This is a passenger railway station and it is located just southeast of the city center.  This station was built in 1959 and was the largest in China at the time.  There are Chinese and international trains leaving from this station as well as the local subway, buses and trolleys.  You can read more about the  Beijing Railway Station on wikipedia (click).

 If you look closely at the building, you can see the very popular Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) sign.

 The man kept walking and the two women just stood still and enjoyed the view.
 It is an interesting building and I would like to see the inside.

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