Friday, November 9, 2007

San Diego, California - The 3-Day - Done walking for the day

Hills hills hills hills hills


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! You made it through the first day!!! I'm proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Your Mom said to "KEEP IT UP"
Doing a good job. You know your Mother gives you nothing but good advice. I'm tired after the first mile. Are we there yet?

Aunt Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

No pictures of the sky, No pictures of the grass, and done for the day. Absolutely fantastic. What an accomplishment. 20 down 40 to go and all the hills are behind you
(I think). Enjoy the sun and the sea air.


Darla said...

Great job Ladee! Have fun and enjoy you time resting tonight. Hugs, Brad and Darla